GxA Melrose Blouse

GxA Melrose Blouse

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With little details that add personality and sophistication to the fitness look, the GxA Melrose Blouse was inspired by urban women, who just like you do not have time to lose.

The city of Los Angeles is undoubtedly the capital of the healthy style and cradle of fashion Athleisure [Athletic + Leisure]. The hectic lifestyle of the second most populous city in the United States calls for versatility and functional looks without giving up style. Taking as a reference the district of Melrose, this module has as main characteristic the attitude of the pieces in total black. The clothes run away from the ordinary and present an interesting look due to the applications of films, reflective details and differentiated textures in black color.

Smart design for your workout.

REF: GBL012-U-1-6



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