Referral Candy

Refer a Friend and You Both Win!

If you love Labellamafia Clothing, we bet your friends will too! Refer your friends and you'll both earn a 20% discount. Best of all, the more friends you refer, the more discounts you'll earn. That translates into more sizzling hot clothes and more money in your pocket.

How our Referral Program Works

First, you can refer as many friends as you want using your favorite social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, or even IM and email. Simply share your unique referral link and we'll do the tracking. When one of your friends uses your link, you'll automatically receive a 20% discount toward your next purchase.

1. Sign up for a Labellamafia Clothing account (if you don't already have one)

2. Log in to your Labellamafia Clothing account
3. Grab and share your unique referral link

  • Automatically — You can share automatically using Facebook, Twitter, or email. Your friends will get a 20% discount when they use your link.
  • Manually — You can copy and paste your referral link anywhere you'd like such as on your blog, on Tumblr, in private groups, via instant messaging, and so on. Your friends will get a 20% discount when they use your link.
  • 4. Enjoy a 20% discount whenever your friends use your referral link

Ideas for Sharing Your Unique Referral Link

We want you to be successful with our referral program. Below are a few irresistible ideas for sharing your referral link:

  • Take a selfie — Go ahead and flaunt your latest purchase, making sure to include your referral link. Mention that using the link will save them 20%.
  • Take a screenshot — Can't wait until your new outfit arrives to take a selfie? A screenshot works, too. Share it — along with your referral link — on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with a "Look what I just bought" message. You could also post multiple screenshots of items you are considering buying and ask your friends for their opinions. Include your referral link so that they can get a deal, too.
  • Print it out — It's inevitable that your friends will stop you in your tracks when they see you wearing a new Labellamafia Clothing outfit. When they ask where you got it, hand them a printout with your unique referral link and tell them they'll get 20% off!

Ready to get started? or for our referral program now.